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Certified Continuous Improvement Practitioner

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  • About This Course

    Kaizen is the Japanese word for “Continual Improvement”. Kaizen consists of two words i.e. KAI – Change and Zen-Good (For Better). So literal meaning of Kaizen is “Change for Better” through little steps in our Professional life, Personal life and Social life.

    Kaizen helps the organizations to generate a process-oriented way of thinking and develop strategies that assure continuous improvements involving people at all levels of an organization hierarchy. The message of the Kaizen strategy is that not a day should pass by, without some kind of improvement being made somewhere in the organization.

    Kaizen aims to eliminate the wastes from all the processes by involving 100% employees in the organization. Kaizen helps individual to think out of box and bring in Good Changes by using less resources.

    Course content

    Module 1 : Overview of Kaizen
    1. What is Kaizen
    2. What is GEMBA
    3. What is GEMBA Kaizen
    4. What Kaizen is not
    5. Why to Do Kaizen
    6. Continuous improvement in PQCDEHSM
    7. Elimination/ Reduction of 7+1 waste
    8. To make attitudinal change
    9. 5W 1H principle
    10. When to do Kaizen
    11. Who will do Kaizen
    12. Where to do Kaizen
    Module 2 : 1H of Kaizen
    1. How to do Kaizen
    2. Hunting for 3Ms (Muda, Mura, Muri)
    3. SCAMPER Methodology
    4. Kaizen Sheet
    5. Real life Examples of Kaizens
    6. Evaluation of Kaizen
    7. Kaizen Mela Celebration
    8. Real life Examples of Kaizen Mela
    9. Course wrap up


    • Anyone who is willing to become continuous improvement practitioner can go for this course
    • This course is applicable in all types of industries at all levels.

    Course Staff

    Course Staff Image #1

    Mr. M. R. Shastri

    Principal Consultant, Concept Business Excellence Pvt. Ltd.

    Course Staff

    Course Staff Image #1

    Mr. Keyur Mewada

    Consultant, Concept Business Excellence Pvt. Ltd.

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