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Course on Minitab for Six Sigma

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  • 57% Higher remuneration compared to your peers (
  • 40% Managers in elite organization are certified (LinkedIn)
  • 3x Job opportunities for certified professionals (
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  • Lifetime Validity of Certificate
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device
  • Self-paced online course content to fit your busy schedule
  • All the tools with real life examples
  • Education by Leading Expert
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  • Online Training
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  • ASCB (UK) Accreditation
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    About This Course

    Minitab first introduced at Penn State in the late 70’s Started as a DOS based program and migrated to Windows. It was heavily used in the academic world. But now it is widely used in industries as it is very easy to use, no programming skills required, help and training functionality built into the application etc.

    In Six Sigma, We always take decision based on data. We are using Minitab for six sigma projects because most of the statistical and analytical tools we use in Six Sigma are available in Minitab. Anyone who is having the basic knowledge of spreadsheet can use Minitab. You don't have to be a statistician to understand analysis of data and get the insight from your data. Minitab software does the work for you.

    Course content

    Module 1 : Introduction and Interoperability to Minitab
    1. How to install Minitab
    2. Minitab Screen Layout
    3. Worksheet Format and Structure
    4. Exporting Analysis data from Minitab to Word and PPTWhat is Six Sigma
    Module 2 : Pull Down Menus
    1. All Pull Down Menus
    Module 3 : Graphical Analysis
    1. Bar Chart
    2. Pareto Chart
    3. Histogram
    4. Graphical Summary
    5. Pie Chart
    6. Probability Plot
    7. Box Plot
    8. Scatter Plot
    9. Matrix Plot
    Module 4 : Statistical Analysis
    1. Descriptive Statistics
    2. Overview of Control Charts
    3. Variable Control Charts
    4. Attribute Control Charts
    5. Overview of Gage R & R (MSA)
    6. Attribute Gage R & R
    7. Variable Gage R & R
    8. Process Capability
    9. Simple Linear Regression
    10. Multiple Linear Regression
    11. Overview of Hypothesis Testing
    12. 2 sample t-test
    13. Paired t-test
    14. Chi-Square Test
    15. ANOVA
    16. Test of Equal Variances
    17. Proportion Test


    • Anyone who is interested in Data Analysis, and having basic knowledge of spreadsheet can go for this course.
    • Basic knowledge on Quality tools
    • Download Minitab Free Trial

    Course Staff

    Course Staff Image #1

    Mr. Hiren Kakkad

    Senior Consultant, Concept Business Excellence Pvt. Ltd.

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